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The HavenTrak™ utilizies the speed and precision of Haven's "Dual-Blade Shear" Cut-Off Head combined with our "U-TRAK" Length Control System to deliver accurate, high quality, dimple free cuts on the fly. This innovative approach provides improved production rates with increased accuracy at up to 250 FPM. We are proud to be a part of the latest innovation from Haven… the HavenTrak™ Flying Shear.

HavenTrak™ Specifications

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Cutting Capacity:

  • Round: 0.50" - 3.00" (13mm - 76mm)
  • Square: 0.50" - 2.125" (13mm - 54mm)

Maximum Wall Thickness: 0.120" (3mm) or 0.160" (4mm) with optional cylinder

Minimum Cut-Length: 32" (813mm)

Accuracy: +/- 0.010" (+/- 0.25mm)

Cycle Rate: Up to 31 CPM

Maximum Speed: 250 FPM (76 meters/min)

Cutting Method: Haven Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff Head

Controls: U-TRAK Length Control System with HD Rollerscrew

The HavenTrak™ Flying Shear tube cutting machine is the economical, precision cutting solution tube manufacturers need to remain competitive in the global marketplace. This cutting system has furthered Haven’s global reputation for over 50 years of innovation, reliability, quality, and cost savings. The HavenTrak™ minimizes cost by providing an accurate and distortion free cut that eliminates the need for secondary operations. This system is simple to operate, easily maintained, and built for longevity. The HavenTrak™ Flying Shear tube cutting machine also has the highest return on investment of any competitive system. Visit Haven Manufacturing’s website, www.havencut.com, to learn how very satisfied customers rely on Haven to meet their service requirements and achieve their profitability goals.

* Our systems are pre-tested prior to shipment for a faster start-up.

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